Bruno Chapiron studied view camera techniques in Washington DC, He first worked as an assistant photographer in Tokyo and since then has been developing his personal sense of photography through extensive travel around the world.

Since 2012 he worked regularly on assignment for the Red Cross, the French Foreign Affairs Ministery and the Interior Ministery as an institutional photographer and photo reporter in France and overseas. He is now pursuing a thrilling personal photography project.


  • 1997 Exhibition « Colombia Tierra Querida » at Asiz Aoyama gallery, Tokyo
  • 1998 Exhibition « Farandole » at Koyo gallery, Tokyo
  • 1998 Laureate of the Prize Kodak Japan
  • 2016 Exhibition « Fragments de vies », Paris.

Visit the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to learn more about
the Exhibition « Fragments de vies » (in French, will open in a new window)