I studied view camera techniques in Washington DC, I first worked as an assistant photographer in Tokyo and since then I have been developing my personal sense of photography through extensive travel around the world.

From 2012 to 2018, I worked regularly on assignment for the Red Cross, the French Foreign Affairs Ministery and the Interior Ministery as an institutional photographer and photo reporter in France and overseas. I am now pursuing my career as a freelance photographer based in a small town on the edge of the Vosgian forest. I am free like a bird… the world is my playground.


  • 1997 Exhibition « Colombia Tierra Querida » at Asiz Aoyama gallery, Tokyo
  • 1998 Exhibition « Farandole » at Koyo gallery, Tokyo
  • 1998 Laureate of the Prize Kodak Japan
  • 2016 Exhibition « Fragments de vies », Paris.

Visit the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to learn more about
the Exhibition « Fragments de vies » (in French, will open in a new window)